Accidental Guest Bedroom Makeover

Feb 16, 2021 - over 100 amazing items!

Guest bedroom makeover mood board with bold earthy colors

What started with a new mattress from The Dump turned into an accidental guest bedroom makeover. The new mattress led to a new headboard which led to new pillows which led to new bedding which led to getting legit crazy and letting TikTok pick the paint color for the walls! Complete snowball effect. But I just finished hanging the black textured wallpaper in the primary bedroom so why not keep crankin’? Let’s jump right…in bed!

Before and After - Guest Bedroom Makeover

When we bought this house, I purchased a vintage leather gym mat from Prague (now for sale on Chairish). I loved the headboard, but it never looked perfect in the guest bedroom. It hung on a plain old 2×4 because we couldn’t figure out how else to secure it to the wall and the entire design just fell flat. I wanted a brass bar but didn’t try very hard to source one. The white walls made the bedroom feel cold, and I just couldn’t nail the duvet and pillow combo. Seriously, beds are hard! Especially neutral bedding. The entire room was all around meh, so when I signed up to try out and feature a new mattress, I knew immediately extra zhushing was in order.

Before and After - Guest Bedroom Makeover

I told my ride or die vintage bestie Marianne that I was on the hunt for a new headboard, but this was going to be a guest bedroom budget makeover. There could be no spending dollars.

Homegirl is broke these days. But, you put your desires out into the universe, and good things will come. Marianne immediately texted back, “Plankroad is having a sale on headboards and just posted a boatload of them on Instagram.” Shazam! Covid safe, of course, we met up for a shopping excursion extraordinaire! She introduced me to Jimmy and said anything you can’t find, he’s your guy.

Shopping for the guest Bedroom makeover at Plank Road in Chicago

Not even 10 steps inside, boom, we found this gorgeous velvet headboard. Immediately I was smitten. It was a perfect size, the perfect shade of green, and $200. The price was right. Yo Jimmy! Slap a sold sticker on that bad boy. I might actually be able to pull off this guest bedroom makeover on a budget. BTDubs, if you visit Plankroad and find something you love, do not put it down. This is a must-stop-shopping mecca for local interior designers, and if you put that coverlet down, it’s fair game. Hence the salp a sold sticker on it. That sucka was mine.

After walking around with armloads of pillows and shams and duvets oh my, we started playing with multiple color palettes. One was the green headboard paired with plum mohair pillows and plum and gold patterned pillow, the other was a funky deep teal (yes, those are Kelly Wearstler Graffito pillows) and velvet gray. This was bold and way out of my normal neutral decor wheelhouse, but hey, let’s have fun, right? I wound up filling my entire car and still managed to stay under budget. Plankroad is the home decor outlet shop for Eastern Accents. It’s filled floor to ceiling with discontinued textiles, decor from photoshoots, and pillows prototypes that may have been redesigned with different trim. The headboard I purchased was from a recent shoot.

Shopping for the guest Bedroom makeover at Plank Road in Chicago

My TikTok audience was given a few options for paint…cuz losing complete control was not an option. Deep teal walls, salmon pink, or a safe mushroom greige. Salmon and teal were neck and neck, but ultimately salmon won the race. Finding the perfect shade took a bit of time. Too pink, and it’ll turn bubblegum barbie. Millennial pink was a hard no. That trend has said goodbye. I wanted to push towards coral and rust undertones. After seeing Chippendale Rosetone by Benjamin Moore, I was sold. It has almost a terra cotta look (definitely darker once it dries) and has a chameleon effect in a different light. Here’s a peek at the PURA mattress that started it all. We really like the extra pillowtop. It’s luxurious to sleep in.

PURA Mattress from The Dump with extra pillow top

Guest bedroom makeover mood board with bold earthy colors

The brass sconces were existing and all the textiles and the headboard were outlet prices.

I’m busting at the seams to show you the paint…CHECK OUT THESE PINK WALLS! Part of me wants to paint the ceiling as well.

Before I cliff hang you on this accidental guest bedroom makeover, I’ve gotta share the art I found at Warehouse 55. Marianne was hanging curtains in her new flea parlor booth and needed a helping hand…you should totally check the place out if you live in the Chicagoland area. So many vintage treasures to be found. The vendor next to the flea parlor had this incredible vintage portrait of a woman and the color palette matched the space perfectly! Pops of every earthy color I could have imagined. While holding my hands over my head hanging curtains, I kept sneaking peeks at her. Can we just take a moment for this beauty?

Guest bedroom makeover mood board with bold earthy colors - In progress

Stay tuned because you’re gonna die when you see everything put together! I’m off to pick out some showstopper lighting. Gotta replace that awful plastic $4 flush mount boob light.




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Modern Sofa For The Living Room

Feb 15, 2021 - over 100 amazing items!

Rounding Up 21 Beautiful Modern Sofas For The Living Room

Before we get into this roundup of modern sofas, I’d like to ask a question. Do you call it a sofa or a couch? Or maybe if you’re from Wisconsin, you call it a davenport? Whatever you refer to as I’ll bet you have one in your living room. And if you’re on a quest for a new modern sofa like me, you’ve come to the right spot because I’ve rounded up the most beautiful sofas for the living room. Let’s get comfy and check out these pieces for your living space that your buns are gonna love.

21 Beautiful Modern Sofas For The Living Room

Cobern Three Piece Sofa Sectional – I really like the Crypton Nomad Hemp

Solstice Vintage Velvet Modern Sofa – featured in this living room mood board

Luxe Mohair Mink Sofa

First off, pretty much every house needs a sofa, right? But you need to choose the right size sofa for your living room. When we moved into this house, we learned that our existing couch that looked perfect in our former open concept house did not necessarily fit into our new more traditional style home. When we moved this sectional into our tv room, it overtook the entire space. That couch legit ate the entire room. No matter how we configured it, this was a sofa king situation. Almost every piece I’ve rounded up will be a modern sofa for a smaller space living room design.

21 Beautiful Modern Sofas For The Living Room

Hardwood Frame Blue Velvet Modern Sofa

Lagoon Performance Fabric Velvet Sofa

Extra Deep 2-Piece Modern Sofa

Clean Line Modern Couch – made in North Carolina and on sale now

Casual Yet Classic Sofa on antique brass casters

Crypton High-Performance Fabric in Forsythia – A Sarah Sherman Samuels favorite

You may notice I mentioned Crypton a few times. I first discovered Crypton at High Point Furniture Market a few years ago. It’s one of the best high-performance fabrics on the market…a smart fabric if you will. Spill a glass of red wine? No worries, it beads on the fabric. It’s also resistant to odors and moisture. Crypton fabric is also earth-friendy, comes in a ton of colors and patterns, AND if you missed that spilled red wine, only to find a dried and set in stain, all you need is a little warm soapy water to remove it. If you have kids or pets, this upholstery is a must-have when looking for any furniture.

Perfect sofas for your home


Mid-Century Modern Inspired Channel Back Velvet Modern Sofa

Green Velvet Sofa with Curved Tufted Back

Customizable Mid-Century Modern Inspired Sofa all available fabrics

Mario Bellini Camaleonda Sofa – a Kelly Wearstler favorite

Army Green Cotton Canvas Casual Sofa

Hardwood Curved Vintage Inspired Sofa – I also love the navy and black

Imma sign off with this. If you’re shopping for a sofa, measure not once, not twice, but three times a lady. Tape out the measurements on the floor. Measure hallways and doors it might have to travel through to get to the living room. And be sure to find a style that fits your decor style. Look for features like a sofa bed or high-performance fabric, or plugins for tech. It’s the main seating for your home, so triple-check that you love it and it’ll work hard for you and your family’s needs.

Sofa Ideas for A Small Living Room


Mid-Century Inspired Sofa with High-Performance Fabric – highly durable and virtually unstainable

Mario Bellini Camaleonda Sofa – yes, I featured it in blue as well

Certified Hard Wood Curved Back Bench Seat Sofa

A Couch with Clean Lines in menswear-inspired corduroy upholstery

Charcoal Velvet Couch with Hardwood Frame

Williams Grey High-Performance Fabric Couch

And for those of you who answered davenport, Imma take a wild guess and say you’re from the midwest like me. For everyone else scratching their heads asking, “What the heck is a davenport?”, you obviously need a Midwest Voice Translator. Enjoy yer week and tell yer folks I say hi. The Wisconsin accent is in full effect today. I predict some form of creamed soup casserole will be made in the near future.


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Modern Living Room Makeover Idea

Feb 1, 2021 - over 100 amazing items!

Modern Living Room Decor

My living room needs a makeover. Wait, let me rephrased that. It doesn’t NEED a makeover, rather I’m itching for a change, so I’ve been playing with a mood board for a living room makeover. Yes, I’m still a lover of all things neutral decor and layering texture into a space, but lately, more and more color has been creeping its way into my home. The black textured wallpaper in my primary bedroom was a dramatic departure from the HOH norm, and if you follow me on TikTok, you might have seen the guest bedroom get a major color splash. Now I want to paint all my white walls.

Modern Living Room Makeover Idea

Holy 180 from my past designs, right? I photoshopped a bunch of different paint colors into this mood board, but the dark navy is giving me all the moody vibes. And BTDubs, this is just design #1. More to mood boards follow.

In case you don’t remember, here is the state of the living room now.

Modern Living Room Decor

The two side tables that act as a coffee table have been living in this same exact spot for the last 6 plus years. I’m ready to change them out. The 3 guys may rotate out again…just for a while. They always come back.

Modern Living Room Decor

I do love the color of the velvet curtains, but I think I’d like to add even more color. I’d like to try a mushroom color iteration to baby step away from the white versus a giant leap to navy, but I’ll save that for another post.

Let’s dig into the changes. I pretty much banished vintage from this space. The existing brass etagere is staying, but everything else would go bye-bye. Quarantine brought on serious changes over here. Let’s get into the details.

Navy Paint

Original Abstract Artwork

Vintage Brass Etagere (similar)

Performance Fabric Velvet Sofa in Cider

Rattan Floor Lamp

Birds Of Paradise Faux Plant

Modern Rug

Round Modern Coffee Table

Pair Of Ivory Chairs

Hide Covered Dresser

Modern Table Lamp

Reed Wrapped Pull Up Table

The rug in the before photos is what started this living room makeover idea. We adopted a puppy at the beginning of the year and that distressed suede rug has to go into hiding for a bit until we’re confident he won’t pee all over it. Lord, please tell me why I approved the dog?

Last year I visited Jaipur Living’s booth at the Design Influencers Conference and legit fell in love. One of their Instagram posts popped up in my feed, so I hopped over to check out their Winter 2021 catalog. This modern geometric design gave me all the Kelly Wearstler feels. And this rug with the orange, rust, goldenrod, and teal is drop-dead gorgeous.

Now here’s a question for you. Have you sat on a Maiden Home sofa or really any of their furniture? I wanna hear from you! They keep popping up in my Instagram feed, and the Warren sofa (in the living room makeover mood board above) caught my eye. Total tangent, when you hear the name Warren, does your mind go straight to Warren from Empire Records? No? Only me?

Alrighty, so enough babbling. What do you think of this decor departure? Are you here for it? Do you have navy walls? Do you want to see another mood board? Do you think I’ll actually turn this living room makeover idea into reality? Only time will tell!


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Best Of 2020 Review

Jan 13, 2021 - over 100 amazing items!

Modern Kitchen Renovation with Bold Island Design

You’re probably like me, and ready to say good riddance 2020. In a nutshell, my biggest bummer turned blessing in disguise was closing my brick and mortar. Sad it closed but so happy I have more time with my family and blogging more. A post about the Small Business PPP Loans literally crashed my site because it received over 5 million unique hits in 4 days. My tiny little blog didn’t know what hit it and that week was completely surreal. But let’s get back to home decor. Before we say goodbye to last year, let’s look back on your favorite home decor posts. Maybe you missed them. Maybe you want to revisit them again. Without further adieu, here’s House Of Hipsters Best of 2020 Review.

Kitchen Renovation Reveal

I started out with a bang in 2020 with my Kitchen Reno Reveal. I teamed up with Cambria Surfaces to create one heck of a kitchen island. It was featured in House Beautiful and also MyDomaine. The design was a skinny makeover…meaning…we kept the existing floor plan. We did not change the positions of gas lines or water pipes, kept the existing floors (although I’d like to update them now), and the perimeter cabinetry was kept as well. Also, the only appliance that was replaced was the cooktop, although I’ve been eyeing this refrigerator. It’s stainless steel and you can change the color, hardware finish, and add a glass door.

Modern Kitchen Makeover Renovation Reveal

Modern Kitchen Makeover Renovation Reveal

Chandelier Over Island

Pendant Lighting Over Table

Brass Cantilever Bar Stools

Brass Cabinet Pulls and Knobs

Island Stone – Clairidge by Cambria

Countertop and Blacksplash Stone – Ironsbridge by Cambria

Tulip Table

Black Art

Matte Black Faucet

Black Quartz Sink


My Favorite Interior Design Books

You might like interior design books more than I! This well-read roundup of interior design books was a heavy hitter. And let me tell you, there are some good ones in here. If you missed this gem of a post, go check it out. You won’t regret it.

Favorite Interior Design Books Round Up


How To Record Multiple Clips In TikTok

TikTok exploded onto the scene during lockdown and you wanted to know how to record multiple clips. This tutorial was in high demand via Google. I think everyone and their mother visited this post. Curious about you though…is this something you want to see more of? How to’s on social media? I speak at conferences every year about Pinterest, Instagram, and Tiktok, but I forget that may you want to learn more about the platforms and how to grow your following as well. I’d love your feedback on this.

TikTok Tutorial How To Record Multiple Clips


Bucktown Home Tour

You really loved my friend’s home tour designed by Jen Talbot. Carrie and I go way back…like 2000 way back. She interviewed me for my second job at a startup dot com right before the big dot-bomb. Carrie hired me for the job back in the day and hired Jen to execute her vision for her Bucktown home. And let me tell you, it’s exquisite! Carrie has amazing taste and a passion for curating rare vintage pieces. She leans into that post-modern look which gives her this modern sophisticated meets the 80s look.

Modern meets 80s home decor. Living Room. Live fearlessly with your home decor.

Ettore Sottsass floor mirror in Modern meets 80s home decor. Living Room. Live fearlessly with your home decor.


My Hands Down Favorite Faux Plants

The general public seems to be embracing my love of faux plants. You’ll find everything from the ever trending olive plant to my favorite palm trees, fiddle leaf figs, to monster plants.

Guide to the Best Faux Plants - 25 Artificial Plants, Trees, and Flowers That Don’t Look Fake


One Room Challenge Featured Designer

My dreams came true when Linda, who coordinates the One Room Challenge, invited me to be a featured designer. Creating this space during lockdown really was a challenge but also a spectacular distraction. Sourcing home decor during the pandemic when factories were temporarily closed made me think on my feet. There were twists and turns, frustration and tears, but in the end, my home office and non-bro home gym final reveal really captured your heart…and saved my sanity.

Modern eclectic home decor

Best At Home Gym Equipment and Workout Gear


The Pink Dining Room Chairs Turned Green

I teamed up with Ultrasuede and reupholstered my beloved vintage Pierre Cardin brass cantilever chairs. Pretty in pink became green with envy. The change made me a bit nervous and pretty much the entire Instagram community told me not to do it, but the color swap definitely leveled up the sophistication in this space. I’m over the moon with how they turned out, AND this Ultrasuede fabric is high performance do I not longer need to worry about spills.

Reupholstered dining chairs in green and brass cantilever chairs by Pierre Cardin in eclectic modern dining room. Modern chandelier and 1950s French marble pastry table used as dining table. Mixing vintage with new.

Reupholstered dining chairs in green and brass cantilever chairs by Pierre Cardin


Gold Velvet Curtains

2020 was a big year for me. I slowly started adding color to my very neutral home decor. It started with the primary bedroom mini makeover. The cream headboard with ivory chair needed some oomph, so I took a chance on some incredibly economical curtains in a bold goldenrod color. The look was chic AF, and I loved them so much, I bought a couple more sets for the front room. What an easy way to refresh your space. BTDubs, I made another bold move in the primary bedroom I added black textured wallpaper. I posted it yesterday and it’s a must-see.

Fall Home Decor and Cozy Textiles

Gold Velvet Curtains Color Pop in Living Room Makeover


Decorating With Neutrals

Your second favorite roundup was the all neutral home decor ideas. From rugs to lighting to shelving to vases, I handpicked what I thought you’d like, and you agreed.

Decorating With A Neutral Color Palette


Shoppable Favorites You Loved In 2020

I also took a peek at what shoppable links you clicked on the most. First and foremost, you love to check out my favorites on Etsy. I try to keep these organized and update each category weekly. If you’ve never been over there, it’s definitely a fun little corner to explore.

You love this Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, and in my opinion, it’s probably the most real looking, best bang for your buck faux plant out there. You chose wisely.

Like I said above, the faux plants are trending. This Faux Monstera Plant came in as the third most clicked shoppable link. He is petite in size (29″ tall) compared to the fiddle fig, but it’s a stunner.

Coming in third place are the Velvet Curtains. They come in 12 different colors and do tend to sell out but are always restocked quickly. I’m digging these lighter blue curtains and think it would pair really well with rust and taupe…might be a new color palette for the front living room refresh I’m planning.

This faux olive tree and this faux snake plant were tied for 5th place.

Studio McGee debuted their new line at target, and it sold out in legit minutes. But don’t fret if you missed it. They released a new collection, and I’m coveting this rattan lamp (only $20), this marble coffee table, this cozy cream sherpa chair and ottoman, and this caned writing desk that would be perfect in an entrance.

This decorative wood chain link caught your eye as well as mine. It’s also available in black. Right now they are offering $25 off any purchase of $125 or more plus free shipping.

And wrapping it up with a surprise to me from my AM Skincare Routine For Women Over 40 post. It was my favorite little tool – the NuFace microcurrent device. Bobby Berke was waxing poetic about this magical tool that diminishes fine lines, sagging, and droopy upper eyelids. You’ll see results pretty much instantly, but it not permanent. If you stop using the device, your face will go back to where it was.

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Black Textured Wallpaper

Jan 12, 2021 - over 100 amazing items!

Black Textured Wallpaper

When I gave the primary bedroom a mini makeover, the headboard didn’t pop. And that’s sad because it’s a damn good headboard that should shine. How did I want to proceed with the design? Yes, I could do paint, but I wanted something more luxurious. More texture. Limewashed walls? Venetian plaster? Personally, I didn’t want bright pops of color, so my instincts automatically went to light and neutrals.

Ivory white upholstered headboard in primary bedroom

Kyla, that was not going to pop an ivory headboard, so let’s get bold and crazy and look at black textured wallpaper, shall we?

First things first, I knew I wanted a Phillip Jefferies wallcovering in this space. I ordered samples of grasscloth, cork, and vinyl in all the colors. Once they arrived, I stuck each sample behind the headboard and stepped back. The grasscloth was beautiful, but I was drawn to Broad Strokes in Scraffido Shadow. Since Phillip Jefferies is the Rolls Royce of handcrafted wallpaper products, I knew I had to be 100% on board with this decision. This wallcovering was an investment piece. I went to work in Photoshop mocking it up. Holy moly she’s sexy AF. This bold, dramatic, black textured wallpaper…hello lover. But I think the mirror over the bed has got to go.

Black Textured Wallpaper in the bedroom

I had one more HUGE decision to make. Did I want to wallpaper just the one wall behind the headboard, or did I want to wallpaper the entire space? If I chose one wall only, I needed to decide if the inset should pop or not. This room was an addition that the former owners built in the 90s when TVs were a highlight of the space. If you have a TV inset in your wall, you feel my pain. The snake mirror moved downstairs, but it may slither back up to the bedroom.

Wallpaper arrived. We hired Steven Kaye of Paper Craft Interiors again. He worked on my home office back last year. If you are in the Chicagoland area, Steven is your man. He works with many of the local interior designers here and is a master wallpaper hanger…and I’m not saying that in a joking manner. He’s literally the regional director of the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers.

Steven Kaye Paper Craft Interiors master wallpaper hanger Chicago

I highly advise hiring someone familiar with Phillip Jeffries to hang your wallpaper because each collection is different to install which can make it a bit trickier to install. With an investment like this, you don’t want to be a first-timer.

Steven Kaye Paper Craft Interiors master wallpaper hanger Chicago

Steven was able to knock out the install in 2 days. He was a bit nervous, thinking that I may not have ordered enough. He knew it was going to be tight. I used this yardage calculator, and let me tell you, it was right on the nuts. Because he’s a master of his craft, we had about 8′ leftover, but there was enough to finish the entire room and cover the switchplates and vents.


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Black textured wallpaper in the bedroom with Phillips Jeffries Broad Strokes Scraffido Shadow. Luxury wallpaper in the primary bedroom to create a bold moody statement.

Black textured wallpaper in the bedroom with Phillips Jeffries Broad Strokes Scraffido Shadow. Luxury wallpaper in the primary bedroom to create a bold moody statement.

Now that the wallpaper is installed, it’s time to put the room back together. But a few decor decisions must be made.

  1. There is white trim around a hidden door that leads to the jacuzzi tub on the other side of the wall. It’s tucked away in a corner, but definitely should not be white. In retrospect, I probably should have removed the trim making the entrance invisible. Lessons learned and not a big deal. I’ll be taking my Broad Strokes swatch into the paint store for a matchy-match shade of black and no one will notice.
  2. You’ll notice there are a lot of white doors in this space…which I don’t mind. I think it keeps the room more light and airy, but that brushed nickel hardware needs to go. I’d like to source something more modern…Emtek, I’m looking at you!

3. Artwork! I have one piece hung…that small piece in the corner, but I need to figure out artwork over the bed and the inset. I found a piece at the South Loop Loft warehouse sale, but the existing frame is janky and definitely needs a new wood frame. I also need to sit with this piece for a bit before drilling a hole through my precious. The search is on for the inset.

4. I’m leaning towards possibly replacing the Johnson Carper dresser living in the inset. Yes, it does the job, but I’ve had this piece for almost 10 years and it might be time for something new. This will probably not be an immediate change, but definitely something I’m saving my pennies for. Stay tuned for the dressers I’m eyeing. I’ll be sharing those in the future.

5. The original St. Frank duvet cover I still adore, but it doesn’t exactly work in this space anymore. All that pattern is fighting with the black textured wallpaper. You may have noticed, I popped on a coverlet I found at Plankroak Home Outlet but will be looking for some new linens before giving you the final reveal. Nicholas Cage was looking very judgy at that pattern clash. Also, that sconce in the bathroom has got to go!

6. The vintage brass lamps in the inset will need to be changed out. I really like the black shades, but they get lost, and I don’t like white shades on these brass beauties. Instead, I’m thinking maybe my pink marble lamps would look beautiful here.


!function(d,s,id) var e, p = /^http:/.test(d.location) ? 'http' : 'https'; if(!d.getElementById(id)) e = d.createElement(s); = id; e.src = p + '://'; d.body.appendChild(e); if(typeof window.__stp === 'object') if(d.readyState === 'complete') window.__stp.init(); (document, 'script', 'shopthepost-script');
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One more thing before signing off. You may have noticed from the first photo to this one, the nightstands changed out. The mirror tables were flashy and fun, but they had no drawers. We needed something more practical. I found these nightstands at an estate sale out in Highland Park. They’re by Brownstone Furniture, and I’m over the moon that I found them. There’s no way I could have afforded them at retail price. They fit the space perfectly. You can also see in the photo below my white trim. Gah!

Black Textured Wallpaper

So, what do you think? Would you go this bold and dramatic in your bedroom? Do you have any opinions on the inset art or lampshades? Would love to hear what you have to say.


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Holiday Gift Guide For Him

Jan 2, 2021 - over 100 amazing items!

The Best Holiday Gift Guide For Him

T-minus 10 days until Christmas, and the most challenging person to buy a gift for is weighing heavily on your mind. Don’t stress! The Holiday Gift Guide for Him is here to save your bacon. This post will help you find the best holiday gift ideas for your husband, boyfriend, or that special guy in your life. Also be sure to check out the best Holiday Gift Guide for Her, the Holiday Guide for the Self Care Lover, the Holiday Gift Guide for the Fitness Guru, and the list of my Favorite Interior Design Books.

The Best Holiday Gift Guide For Him

BREVILLE SMART OVEN AIR FRYER – Air fryers are all the rage right now. Your special guy can whip up fries, wings, bacon…even chocolate chip cookies. Instead of using oil to deep fry, this genius kitchen gadget makes food crispy with a fraction of the calories! The perfect gift for the guy who likes to cook.

CAMPING HAMMOCK WITH MOSQUITO NETTING – If your boy loves the great outdoors, this camping hammock is sure to please.

INDOOR MINI BASKETBALL HOOP – Pro Tip – If you buy this, get a few extra balls and check out the glow in the dark option.

CATCH:2 MULTI-DEVICE WIRELESS CHARGER BY COURANT – Okay, let’s be real. This one is on my list as well. Not only does it come in black and charcoal, but it also comes in blush, bone, and saddle leather! I’m obsessed with all of their phone accessories. Check out this sleek charger with the accessory tray that you can monogram.

FILSON DRYBAG – The Boy might be a rugged hunter, but he loves his hoity-toity Filson gear. This dry bag is a winner. Plus it’s orange for deer season.

HEATED THROW BLANKETS – A high school classmate posted that she bought heated throws so she can be outside in the cold mid-west weather for a driveway drink with friends and yet stay toasty warm. If your boy smokes cigars or likes to partake in a whiskey with friends, these are a no brainer. Just don’t forget the outdoor extension cord.

SMEG COFFEE MAKER – The best holiday gift for that coffee connoisseur who loves the vintage look and feel. If you really want to treat your guy right, pick him up a bag of Solace Creek Coffee Beans.

YETI TUMBLER – Keep that coffee warm all day long with this stainless steel, double-wall insulated tumbler. It also works the reverse way and keeps cold beverages cold.

YETI COOLER – Behold the best cooler on the planet. Period.

The Best Holiday Gift Guide For Him

COMFY CAMO SWEATPANTS – When you work from home, you might as well be comfy on the bottom half.

MINI PAC-MAN GAME – Your boy can entertain himself while on an off-camera Zoom sesh.

LASER LEVEL AND TRIPOD – This setup will get your boy to hang your gallery walls straight.

MONOGRAMMED WHISKEY GLASSES AND LARGE CUBE ICE – All he needs is the heated throws!

GOOGLE NEST HUB – Both The Boy and I have a hub sitting on our desks. It syncs with everything, keeps us both on schedule, plays music, controls our smart home, and even makes Zoom calls.

CASHMERE SOCKS – Need I say more?

CORDLESS DRILL – Ya, this is probably more for him than me, but that’s okay.

ROOMBA – This little robot vacuum is the best invention on the planet. We love ours, but really wish it had the self-emptying bin feature.

BOSE HOME SPEAKER – We got one of these for the front room last year and love it! We control it via the app on our phones and the sound is fantastic!

FROM COOK TO CROOK – Thank you Martha Stewart! Snoop Doggy Dogg has a cookbook and it’s more than fantastic.

INSTAX MINI POLAROID – These little instant cameras are so much fun. Don’t forget to stock up on extra film. Oh and if you just want to print polaroids from your phone pics, this handy dandy little printer is all you need!

Phew! That’s all she wrote for the ultimate holiday gift guide for him roundup. Did I forget anything? Got some secret Santa gift? Share it in the comments!

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Lemon Cherry Holiday Bars

Dec 28, 2020 - over 100 amazing items!

It’s Christmas Eve tomorrow? I’m feeling incredibly behind, but I had to participate in Room For Tuesday’s Holiday Cookie Recipe Blog Hop. This year I’m sharing my Aunt Barb’s Lemon Cherry Holiday Bars — a quick and easy dessert you can whip up in a pinch. And, even though they’re made from scratch these holiday bars are as easy to make as a box mix. I’ve also linked all the participating bloggers’ holiday cookie recipes below. Be sure to hop over and check them out.

Lemon Cherry Holiday Bars Dessert Recipe

I really need to keep this post short and sweet since this gal has a pile of presents to wrap, and if all goes as planned, a HUGE surprise for the kiddos. But, I don’t wanna jinx myself, so Imma keep that one a secret for now — even from you. But if all goes as planned, you’ll find out soon enough…and no, I’m not pregnant, LOL! Anyhoo, let’s jump right into how to make these Lemon Cherry Holiday Bars, shall we?

Lemon Cherry Holiday Bars Dessert Recipe

1 cup butter
1-1/2 cups sugar
4 eggs
1 tbsp lemon extract
2 cups flour
1 cup cherry pie filling (can sub with blueberry)
1 tsp powdered sugar (sifted)

Pre-heat oven to 350º.

In a mixer on low, cream the butter and sugar.

Mix in the eggs one at a time on medium speed.

Once mixed, add lemon extract on low speed and slowly add in flour.

Pour batter into a greased 9″ X 13″ glass cake pan or jelly roll pan.

Mark off squares and drop a small scoop of pie filling in the center of each square.

Bake for 30 minutes in a 350º oven.

Sifted powdered sugar on top while still warm.

That’s it! Easy peasy Lemon Cherry Holiday Bar squeezy.

Be sure to visit all the other talented bloggers listed below. I’m so excited to check out all the yummy recipes myself. In case you wanna check out the prior years – last year I shared my recipe for Peppermint Crispies – a childhood favorite. I remember sneaking them out of the Tupperware containers when Santa wasn’t looking. Two years ago I shared Great Aunt Idella’s Butter Cookies recipe.

Room For Tuesday – Classic Gingerbread Cookies

Boxwood Avenue – Hot Chocolate Cookies

The Grit And Polish – German Sour Cream Twists

Cuckoo 4 Design – Toffee Tassies

BrePurposed – Dutch Stroopwafels

House Of Hipsters – Lemon Cherry Holiday Bars

Holiday Cookie Blog Hop

Lemon Cherry Holiday Bars Dessert Recipe

Lemon Cherry Holiday Bars Dessert Recipe

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Holiday Gift Guide – Bougie AF

Dec 20, 2020 - over 100 amazing items!

Holiday Gifting For The Bougie AF

There are treasures I find on the interwebs and fall head over heels in love…but suddenly my soul is crushed when I find out these pretties cost a small fortune. So I thought for sh*ts and giggles, I’d put together an over the top holiday gift guide for the person (yes, although I don’t look it, I can be bougie AF sometimes) with champagne taste. A futile wishlist of luxury goodness. I mean who knows…maybe you’re BFFs with a Kardashian. But if it’s reasonably priced gift ideas you’re looking for, be sure to check out the best Holiday Gift Guide for Her, the Holiday Gift Guide for Him, the Holiday Guide for the Self Care Lover, the Holiday Gift Guide for the Fitness Guru, and the list of my Favorite Interior Design Books.

Holiday Gifting For The Bougie AF

Striped Robe – Yes, this robe is meant to be rocked in public. Wear this out to dinner or sip a few fruity cocktails on the patio.

Matching Striped Pants – These are hawt and could be worn with the robe above for a matchy-match sitch or with a cute white tee.

Isabel Marant Sneakers – I personally like low key bourgeoisie. One would never know they cost a monthly car payment.

Fendi Tote – But then again, I wouldn’t mind this sucka hanging off my arm either. I’ve been crushing hard on this bag for months now…maybe I’ll be playing the lottery this weekend.

Ginsberg Is God – No, this sweater does not reference RBG – instead, it’s Allen Ginsberg. The designer, Bella Freud, wrote more about the creative process here, but in short, she dreamed this little ditty up while working on a short film with John Malkovich in 2003. Fast forward to 2014, Kate Moss rocked this same jumper but in black. It’s a classic and is actually on sale right now.

Wide Leg Heart Pants – I’m obsessed with all things Double J. There’s another dress by them below that’s giving me all the feels.

Hand-Painted Bag By Shinichiro Inui –  Looks like graffiti’d up Kelly bag and pretty much sums up my love-hate relationship with fashion and being slightly bougie.

Puffy Sleeve Sweatershirt – The 80s are back and brought the puffy sleeve along for the ride. I’m here for it.

Pink and Yellow Striped Sweater – You know #ihavethisthingwithpink. Enough said.

Transparent Flower Bag – This transparent handbag, designed by Olivia Cheng, is filled with a mix of pressed garden and wild flowers, and the base is filled with vintage sequins from Olivia’s personal collection. Ya, only the bougie AF collect vintage sequins. Each bag is unique and uses real flowers. And if you like this, check out the handpainted pink leather trench coat.

Snuggliest Shearling Slides – While putting this little gift guide together, these might have fallen into my cart. Sorry credit card. Don’t tell The Boy.

Are you still with me? Good cuz we have another million to blow on home decor. Let’s get it Veruca.

Holiday Gifting For The Bougie AF

The Lamp Everyone Wants – I’m not sure what type of sorcery this lamp possesses, but every time I post it, people go nuts. Yes, I own it. While attending a conference, I popped my business card in a fishbowl and won it…total pinch-me moment.

Bougie Potpourri – Yes it’s a thing. While visiting Atlanta right before the world shut down last March, I smelled every single Mad et Len scent in the shop. Terre Noire legit transported me to Paris and made me swoon.

Cashmere Throw – Ummmm, ya. Cuz who wouldn’t love a soft cuddly throw? While you’re over there, add yourself to the wishlist on this duster.

Bone And Horn Bowl – Be still my heart and clutch the pearls.

Black Abstract VesselSimone Bodmer-Turner’s black Stav vessel references a pair of antique vases found at a French flea market and is designed to perfectly complement its sister vase, which is rendered in warm white. Ya, I totally stole that copy from the product description cuz it srsly…could it sound any more bougie. End scene.

Blooming Vase – This vase is jaw-dropping. Period. It costs a fortune though so I can only look at it online. Maybe I can print out some copies and fashion a DIY. Nobody’s gonna know.

Snake Bookends – They’re snakes. They’re expensive AF. What’s not to love…except for the fact I’ll never own them.

Animal Print Box Set – Yes and yes, get in my house.

Graphic Wooden Tray – Maybe it’s the graphic designer in me, I don’t know, but I love a bold graphic tray.

Entwined Dolphin Mirror – You may or may not have seen this mythical looking mirror in my home. Yes, I do own it and no, I did not pay $2000. I could never ever justify that purchase. So how did I obtain one? I saw this pretty little snake mirror at an estate sale and put a bid in on it. My bid was accepted at $300. Still pricy, yes, I know, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Ready to really max out that credit card? Let’s keep it moving.

Holiday Gifting For The Bougie AFBlue Ruffle Dress – I first found Double J while visiting a GOOP store in Noho…how pretentious did that sound? Anyhoo, I was all set to buy this gorgeous dress until I looked at the price tag. Sweet baby Jesus put that sucka back on the rack where it belongs. Don’t even breathe on it. Oh, and this one is giving me all the Mrs. Roper feels. All it needs is a gold medallion necklace.

Art School Dropout – Well, this tee pretty much sums up my college life. So there’s that. Also, it reminds me of one of my all-time favorite songs. I might actually have to break down and buy it.

YSL Gold Pleated Skirt – YSL enough said. Oddly, this glam skirt on sale for 50% off? Weird.

Strapless Cotton Dress – This little ditty screams pop me on your private jet and take me somewhere tropical. Don’t miss the secret detail – it has two long ties you can crisscross, wrap, twist, or knot in different variations. So technically it’s like 4 dresses in 1.

Faux Fur Coat – I love the little white lace trim on the collar. Champagne taste is all about the details baby.

Brown Suede Tote – If you don’t know who Malene Birger is, let me enlighten you. Her home is absolutely stunning as is her art. She can do no wrong in my book. But this jack of all trades also dabbles in fashion, and I’ve been obsessed with this tote since it was released (although I’m more obsessed with the Fendi bag above). It’s not entirely unreasonable cost-wise considering the material and size (I just checked…it’s on sale.)

Distressed Denim – What I like about bougie distressed denim is the quality of the distressing itself. Look closely at the knees, and you’ll notice that the holes have been patched. Why is this a big deal? Well, as a lover of all things ripped and distressed (although my son claims I look like I’m trying too hard), I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stepped my foot into my pants leg, caught the hole with said foot, and ripped them to smithereens. Or squatted down to look at something and the knees just give out.

Balmain Sweater – I’ve longed for a Balmain tee for the longest time. Paired with a blazer…and distressed jeans and bougie sneakers. Some day maybe. Gotta save my pennies.

Tom Ford Shoulder Bag – Tom Ford makes dreamy bags, but my affinity for his designs dates back to a trip to Munich. My friend Fernanda and I walked over to his boutique and the sales clerk told us that this Tom Ford was the only Tom Ford boutique on the planet. Now, maybe it was the German to English translation? Maybe it was getting high off the intoxicating perfume? But the Munchin location is NOT the only Tom Ford. I found one while wandering Oak Street (Chicago) on my lunch break. Fernanda sent me a photo of her standing in front of one in Paris. Anyhoo, we were, at the time, truly convinced that this was the only Tom Ford and questioned when would we ever have a chance to return? Best stock up! The Boys thought they were off the hook when we met them for a glass of champs afterward…we had no bags. But that was because we had them delivered to the hotel. I love shopping with Fernanda. BTDubs, that’s not a normal occurrence.

Chain Loafers – These shoes are dope AF, and I think I must buy them. Although the ivory is making me think twice. The look is fantastic, but I’d scuff them up. They do however come in black. Might have to watch for these to go on sale.

This marks the end of my Kimye holiday gifting ideas. I don’t often shop for luxury items, so it was fun to pretend and throw all cares of money out the window. Hope you had a few chuckles as well.


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How To Create A Mid-Century Modern Home Office

Dec 14, 2020 - over 100 amazing items!

How To Create A Mid-Century Modern Home Office

The perfect mid-century modern home office is waiting for you and you can get it with these basic tips!

Inspired by post-war simplicity and the beauty of natural shapes and materials, mid-century modern is the perfect choice for serene 21st-century homes. Follow our five easy steps to create the same serene feel in your home officespace – whatever you use the room for. Today, we’re taking a look at how to create the perfect mid-century modern home office.

Continue reading How To Create A Mid-Century Modern Home Office at Home Design Ideas.

Holiday Gift Guide – Self Care Gift Ideas

Dec 9, 2020 - over 100 amazing items!

Thoughtful Self Care Gift Ideas

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we need to take care of ourselves. Today’s holiday gift guide is chucked full of thoughtful self care gift ideas. First and foremost, you’ll want to head over to the fitness gift guide if you’re looking for home gym equipment and workout gear. But if pampering is what you crave, you’ve hit the jackpot. Secret Santa has his self care britches on and is prepared to dazzle you with the best gift ideas ever.

Thoughtful Self Care Gift Ideas

Maybe your special someone has an incredibly stressful job or just can’t seem to slow down. Help them out with these favorite self care and wellness gifts.

Soothe Rose and Coconut Milk Self Care Set

The Well Journal helps find better eating habits, better sleep, more exercise, and overall mindfulness.

Rose Quartz Crystal Infused Water Bottle stay hydrated and share love.

Inner Compass Cards – a deck of oracle cards to point you down the right path.

Enjoy some self care with an at home facial. A couple of my hands-down favorites are:

CRYOpress Ice Facial Massager

Pink Polka Dot Headband – the perfect accessory when pampering, cleaning, and masking.

NuFace Mini Facial Toner

Instant Champagne Cocktail Kit

If you’re extra fancy and really want to spend some serious dough like a Kardashian, why not take this Gemstone Heat Therapy Mat for a spin. You and your special someone can share in this ultimate self care at-home spa experience. It combines five natural therapies that promote circulation, relaxation, and overall well-being with amethyst, tourmaline, and jade gemstones.


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Thoughtful Self Care Gift Ideas

If your special someone is having sleep issues, this White Noise Machine will help them fall asleep faster, leaving them more energized, and ready to start the day! It has THE BEST reviews!

These wide-leg knit pants are the perfect addition to a comfy work from home day.

Display worthy cloche with matches

Woody and luxurious scented candle

Wick trimmer and candle snuffer

Moon Juice Dust Box – 6 adaptogenic blends of superherbs and supermushrooms

Chill out with 428 Hz success and abundance frequency on this chic Transparent Bluetooth Speaker

Eucalyptus White Sage and Selenite Bundle to keep energies grounded and clear

Vitruvi Stone Essential Oil Diffuser that doubles and beautiful home decor.

Kitsch Satin Sleep Set

Faux Fur Criss Cross Slider Slippers

Jasmine and rose-scented bath bomb for a dreamy escape to self care nirvana

Best Skin Ever Face Oil – I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this stuff!


!function(d,s,id) var e, p = /^http:/.test(d.location) ? 'http' : 'https'; if(!d.getElementById(id)) e = d.createElement(s); = id; e.src = p + '://'; d.body.appendChild(e); if(typeof window.__stp === 'object') if(d.readyState === 'complete') window.__stp.init(); (document, 'script', 'shopthepost-script');
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Now I couldn’t take off without giving you a little something. Something to print or use as a wallpaper on your phone. A free printable! Gah it’s been way too long since I did one of these. Here’s a gentle reminder to slow down and self care.


Free Printable - More Love Less Hustle

Be sure to check out the other Holiday Gift Guides here.

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Our Top 5 Of The Best Modern Armchairs For This Cozy Winter

Dec 6, 2020 - over 100 amazing items!

Our Top 5 Of The Best Modern Armchairs For This Cozy Winter

Here are some of our mid-century modern armchairs  for cozy winter days.

There is no better way to enjoy the cold winter days than relaxing for hours at a time, wrapped in your favorite blanket with a warm drink next to you in a comfortable and stunning armchair. Reading a book, watching your favorite series or hanging out with friends will never be the same again. Scroll down and get inspired for a few of our best modern armchairs that will surely transform your winter days.

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Holiday Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Nov 30, 2020 - over 100 amazing items!

Holiday Decorating Ideas

I was so excited when Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living asked me to share my holiday decorating ideas in her My Home Style Blog Hop Christmas Tree Edition. Each day for the entire week, multiple bloggers (30 trees in total) will be opening the doors to their beautiful homes and sharing their holiday decorating ideas …everyone is listed at the bottom of this post, so grab a cup of cocoa, curl up in a blanket, and cue up some Christmas music.

Holiday Decorating Ideas

My previous holiday decor posts can be found here (2016) and here (2019).

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a doozy. The stress of it all has had me reaching for comfort and traditions. Anything to help make life feel a bit more normal. On the plus side, my social life has slowed down. Our little family has enjoyed meals together around the dinner table. No longer are we rushing to drop one child at gymnastics and the other to soccer practice or weekend birthday parties. Instead, we watch movies, play Jenga, and maybe enjoy a cocktail in the driveway social distancing with neighbors. But even though the days feel a bit longer, the holidays snuck up on me, so I cued up some Bing Crosby and dug out the ol’ holiday decor.

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Since we have no major parties planned, I did not invest in any new holiday decor (as of yet). However, there are a few things I’m eyeing to spruce up my holiday decor that might happen to fall into my cart. My Christmas tree is not a seasonal showpiece of color-coordinated ornaments. Instead, it’s filled with memories. A Shrinky Dink teddy bear gifted to me when I was 2 years old. An engraved ornament from my junior high classmate Missy. A reindeer made of popsicle sticks, painted by my son. A hamplemann for The Boy to honor his German family. A cardboard tree decorated with colorful pompoms and a photo of my daughter. These are the things that are important to me. Especially now.

Holiday Decorating Ideas

It does have a few fancy Waterford and Christopher Radko (on sale here) ornaments. My mother’s friend owned a holiday shop in my hometown. For years that was her go-to place for my birthday and holiday gifts. I like how they balance out the handmade holiday decor.

Holiday Decorating Ideas

Besides this cutie gold tree, at the top of the What I’m Coveting list is a tree collar…like this simple metal one. We have this velvet tree skirt, but I’d really like to mask the pole of our artificial tree. (Side note, have you seen this upside-down tree? I don’t understand it at all.)

Holiday Decorating Ideas

You may have noticed my tree topper is missing. Normally there is a large bow with ribbons woven through the tree, but after 15 plus years, it needs to be replaced. Years ago I posted a DIY on how to make a pom pom bow for gifts, so I may try my hand at making an extra large one rather than spending $100 on a new one. 

!function(d,s,id) var e, p = /^http:/.test(d.location) ? 'http' : 'https'; if(!d.getElementById(id)) e = d.createElement(s); = id; e.src = p + '://'; d.body.appendChild(e); if(typeof window.__stp === 'object') if(d.readyState === 'complete') window.__stp.init(); (document, 'script', 'shopthepost-script');
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The garland over the mantle was updated last year. I’d love to decorate with fresh garland, but it always seems to dry out before Dec 25 and make a mess. Not to mention The Boy and my son have crazy allergies…so faux it is. My garland was purchased last year, but there’s a similar look here. For the last 6 years, I’ve designed different fireplace facades in my head. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve talked about this before. From lime wash to german shmear to quartz. I think I’ve got a plan, but that project is slated for at least 2021. After finishing the kitchen renovation and the One Room Challenge home office and gym makeover, I’m finished with significant transformations this year. However, I do have a small zhush that I’m working over here…I promise to share it soon.

Holiday Decorating Ideas

A frequently asked question is, “Where are those stockings from!?!?” If you’re asking yourself the same, please accept my apologies. My mom crocheted these cuties, and I think I’m the only person on the planet with 2 stockings like this. One that lives at my parents’ home and this one. Each one hangs from reindeer hooks similar to these. The metal wreath was purchased a few years ago from Anthro and is no longer in stock, but I managed to find a similar one here and another here. All are very similar to the vintage Petites Choses brass wreath I found on eBay.

Holiday Decorating Ideas

My favorite holiday decorating idea is super simple. I hung faux magnolia wreaths on the french doors. It’s simple, classic, and doesn’t feel fussy. Again, these were purchased last year but similar looks can be found here, here, and this one has florals similar to mine!

Holiday Decorating Ideas

There’s a bit more holiday decorating to finish like the dining room and the garland on the banister, but that can be finished at a later date. You can peep it here. Before you go, be sure to check out my favorite holiday cookie recipes: Great Aunt Idella’s Butter Cookies and Peppermint Crispies.

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Be sure to check out all the beautiful holiday decor posts below from my friends!


Casa Watkins Living // Up To Date Interiors // Taryn Whiteaker Designs // Cherished Bliss // Thou Swell // Cassie Bustamante


The DIY Mommy // PMQ for Two // Jeweled Interiors // Kate Decorates // Banyan Bridges // Making Home Base


Monica Wants It // House of Hipsters // Cuckoo 4 Design // Delineate Your Dwelling // Lolly Lane // Mango Manor


Two Twenty One // Lemon Thistle // Iris Nacole // Au Petite Salon // Setting for Four // Whispering Pines Homestead


The Handmade Home // Our Fifth House // Tag & Tibby // Daly Digs // House Homemade // Love Your Abode


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Favorite Vintage Decor

Nov 16, 2020 - over 100 amazing items!

Favorite Vintage Decor - sharing a few favorite antiques I use to decorate my home

Oh, do I have a treat for you! Today I’m sharing my favorite vintage decor and so are my friends Sarah and Chloe from Room For Tuesday and Boxwood Avenue. The original concept was to share one and only one piece of vintage decor, but I said, “ONE SRSLY ONE?” The struggle is real. I can’t wait to see what favorite vintage decor my girls shared…their homes are beautious…but first, here’s mine.

As you know, I likes me some antiques.

Vintage objects give a room soul.

They tell a story.

They draw guests in for a closer look.

They add personality to your space.

When I go antiquing, do I sometimes go overboard and buy things I don’t need? Ummmm yes. Case in point, this old, crusty paint palette I picked up from Warehouse 55 in Aurora, IL. Without a plan, I bought it because it gave me that flutter in my stomach. That gut feeling that tells my brain, “you must buy this”.

Favorite Vintage Decor - sharing a few favorite antiques I use to decorate my home

Artist tools in general give me that feeling. If the description for an estate sale reads, “eclectic artist home…”, ya I’ll be there at dawn and hoarding all the things. If I ever style out a craft desk, I’ll definitely have enough interesting desk props on hand. The paint palette still has no home…it’s presently living on the dining room table so I can soak in its beauty every time I walk past it.

Favorite Vintage Decor - sharing a few favorite antiques I use to decorate my home

This hand-painted floral hide trunk was tucked away in the corner of a booth at Warehouse 55…I bought it the same day I purchased the paint palette. Pop a trunk in the corner of any room and I dare you not to store anything in it…srsly they’re perfect for toys, blankets, magazines…anything. Before I sealed the deal on this puppy, I opened her up and gave her the sniff test. No weird smells here.

The trunk was definitely a bit of a splurge, but I’ve never seen anything like it. After circling it 18 times, I walked away to think…something I never suggest doing…you walk away from a vintage piece, and there’s a good chance another will swoop it up. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The patina was absolutely stunning.

Favorite Vintage Decor - sharing a few favorite antiques I use to decorate my home

Now that I’m taking a closer look at this vignette, pretty much every single thing shown here is vintage. The ceramic leopard (or is he a cheetah), the Kittinger gold leaf buffet, the Paul Hanson tortoise shell lamp, the sculpture (yes, it’s from an artist estate sale), the vase, painting, and candleholders (which double as bells) are all antiques. You definitely cannot I used to own a vintage shop…I say in the most sarcastic voice ever.

If you turned 90º, you’ll be staring at this gold gilt mirror.

Favorite Vintage Decor - sharing a few favorite antiques I use to decorate my home

I have no idea where this mirror originally lived, but I purchased it from Everything But The House. It’s a favorite as is that old champagne display bottle, the Pierre Cardin vintage chairs I just reupholstered (yup, they are no longer pink), the 1950’s marble top pastry table, and the Picasso print from The Savoy Flea.

Favorite Vintage Decor - sharing a few favorite antiques I use to decorate my home

This Henrendon burl wood console is perfection. It was purchased off of Facebook MarketPlace for a steal, and it’s small scale fits perfectly in this space. I love it paired with this Mid-Century Modern globe lamp. That ginkgo leaf lamp is not an antique. It was purchased new but the design is a knock off of this Tommaso Barbi lamp I fully regret selling.

As you can see, I love missing vintage and new home decor…hop on over to Room For Tuesday and Boxwood Avenue to check out their favorite vintage decor pieces!



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Step Inside Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Stunning Minimalist Home

Nov 12, 2020 - over 100 amazing items!

Step Inside Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Stunning Minimalist Home

The famous stars Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made an inside tour of their amazing minimalist home design in Los Angeles!

Today we will inspire you with incredible home decoration, based on the principles of minimalist decoration. The house we are going to get inside today is from one of the most inspired couples of this generation: the West family. Check out the minimalist home of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and get inspired like never before!

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